I know too many people who love wearing silicone bracelets to express themselves.
If you've ever wanted a custom silicone bracelet you will know most places you have to order a minimum of 50-500 pieces!
We're able to offer you just 1!! Can you believe it??! You can order our silicone bracelets customized one piece at a time!
Another awesome aspect of OUR silicone bracelets is....THEY'RE ENGRAVED INTO THE DUAL LAYERED SILICONE!
If you can keep it to 5-6 words works best.

4 1/8" Laserable Silicone Bracelet

  • You don't have to worry about the custom words rubbing off. They're there to stay.
    Get it dirty?! No problem! Scrub it with a nail brush, toothbrush, or whatever you have.